Basic Dollhouse

Build a Basic Dollhouse in a Weekend!


I know this seems like a big claim for such a large project, but it can be done with these doll house plans. The house I built for my girls that started it all has lots of extras (siding, lights, etc.) that add time, cost and complexity to the project. After getting a few questions of what is the simplest way this can be accomplished, I added a section to the American Girl Doll House plans to address specifically that. The great news here too is that most of the additional options could be added down the line as time and budget may permit. Expect the basic doll house to cost about $200 in materials.

Ok, so before I tell you how all this works let me explain the picture on this page a bit because it looks pretty great. This picture was taken at the American Girl Store in New York. They have added some roping style trim to the doll house and a light, but absent that its a pretty good representation of of the Basic Doll House. So your weekend dollhouse won’t look exactly like this one, but the picture is a great view of the open design. Here are the characteristics of the basic dollhouse versus the pictures you see on the rest of this website:

Open Front without doors on the front so the house stays open
No exterior wood details such siding, shutters, trim (exterior is painted sheet material)
Windows are open without frames or plexiglass
Roof is painted versus shingled
While lighting could be added, it is not included in the weekend project
Attic is open as you can see in the picture

Ok, with all that said let me tell you how this works. The biggest part of the weekend project is getting the wall sheet material and floors cut and assembled. The beauty of these plans is they contain cut diagrams that can be taken to Lowe’s/Home Depot for them to cut at no cost to you. So basically, when you get home from the store you are ready to put things together. You can cut some windows which I recommend, but you can also not do that which saves some time. So lets call it a day and a half for cuts at Lowe’s and assembly of the main structure. From there, its a lot of patching, painting and decorating which can be started in day 2 and may just go on and on depending on what the house owners want to do there :).

So this sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? Well, I wouldnt call it easy, but if you have some basic woodworking skills such as being able to saw boards and use a drill its very doable. You will be busy during this weekend getting things set the way you want them, but the main point is building the dollhouse structure in a weekend can be done! The rest of what you decide to do is all about what gets dreamt up on colors/wallpaper and any options to add down the line.

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